We want to use the opportunity to undertake this work in a way which:

  • is in keeping with our own commitment to peace, simplicity and  equality
  • reduces its impact on the environment to the lowest possible extent within the capabilities of currently available technology
  • is sympathetic to the building and the beautiful location
  • is fit for purpose (including the capacity to take disabled people)
  • can act as a stimulus for change through education and example

In the short term we want to re-establish Worfolk, as a place of spiritual retreat with access to the wonderful resources of the National Park, as soon as possible. 

In the long term we want to contribute to meeting our commitments to reducing energy use and to wider commitments to reducing carbon emissions, thereby reducing damage to the environment.

By providing a beacon of sustainability we want to enhance knowledge and awareness of the link between human activity and the quality of the environment, especially within the context of the National Park. 

We expect that users and others will be inspired to take further steps to reduce their ‘carbon footprint’ and to live with greater sensitivity to the natural world.