We aim to create a beacon for a sustainable future through our development of Worfolk Cottage. The building will be rennovated to the highest standards of environmentally sound building practice using currently available technology. 

All materials will be chosen on the basis of the lowest impact on the environment in their manufacture, their ability to be used in a pollution free way and wherever possible will be sourced as near to the site as possible (i.e.timber for window frames). 

We hope that the provision of energy generated on site, together with high standards of insulation, will mean that we will not only produce all the energy needed to run Worfolk but will be a net exporter of energy to the National Grid overall.

The refurbishment will be the first fully ‘carbon- neutral’ development within the North Yorkshire Moors National Park. The design, by Andrew Yeats of Eco Arc (the architect for the project), will include energy saving and sustainable features.