Deposit  Balance Total

24th June to 9th September 

Full week (only) £50 + £180 = £230
18th March to 24th June      
9th September to 28th October      
23rd December to 6th January (2007)      
Full Week £40 + £115 = £155
Weekend £30 + £75 = £105
Midweek £20 + £40= £60

7th January to 18th March


28th October to 23rd December

Full Week £30 + £65 = £95
Weekend £20 + £55 = £75
Midweek £20 + £30= £50

Full week:  Saturday 2pm to Saturday 11am
Midweek:       Monday 2pm to Friday 11am
Weekend:       Friday 2pm to Monday 11am

1.) Please ring or write to make a provisional booking, which will be held for seven days.
2.) Written confirmation with the non‑returnable deposit must be made within seven days otherwise the committee reserves the right to arrange an alternative letting.
3.) The balance due must be paid not later than FOUR WEEKS before commencement of the period booked.

Please make all cheques payable to:  Quaker Centre Worfolk

In case of cancellation every effort will be made to secure an alternative booking in which event any monies paid will be refunded (less any administrative costs).  If no alternative booking is possible then the monies paid will be forfeited.
A discount is available for Members and Attenders of the Society of Friends.  Please ask for an application form.
Bookings for the period from Easter to December are not accepted before 1st January.