One of the richest sources of inspiration about Worfolk are the journals. Successive visitors have, over the last decades, used the journal to record their experiences and (occasionally) their complaints.  The following are a few examples:-
‘Worfolk provides the space to think, be creative and wind down from the hectic pace of life back home’
Worfolk is such a regenerative ‘time out’ – and the children love it as much as we do’
‘I can’t believe that Worfolk may be no more, please, committee, don’t allow this to happen.  I have been coming to Worfolk now for almost 20 years.  This is a wonderful place.  My friends and I will be willing to help out in any way we can.  It must not close.’
‘Worfolk indeed kept its promise.’ (I have) 33 years of visiting Worfolk – I first came with my grandparents.’
‘It is always a pleasure to watch people’s initial expression as they arrive and then watch over the weekend as the house slows everybody down to its restful pace.  Everybody is clamouring to come back again.’
‘This is my second visit to Worfolk but I feel it is a very happy and serene place, somehow it unravels all one’s knots.  I shall return.’
‘Thanks again Worfolk committee for this beautiful retreat.  Worfolk's solitude means a great deal to us.’
‘The house received us and enfolded us.  We spoke of it as ‘home’.  We’re sorry to go but we do all have to leave the mountain top eventually.  We take with us peace and wholeness.’
‘How delightful to be spared the twin terrors of civilisation - the terrible Ts of telephone and television.  Wonderfully the children have not missed the latter and their constructive, creative and co-operative play was greatly developed.  It has been good to introduce children to the timeless pace of country life.’
From a letter found in a book of Swarthmore lectures.  'Letter to Aunty Edith', then living at Worfolk:-
'Dear Aunty Edith,    
To me Worfolk is synonymous with Healing Streams where our query  ‘Do you make your home a place of refreshment, quiet and peace……Living as a community is always a valuable experience.  Sharing the chores brings a widening… new depths of personality, considerable freshness of thought and perspective in human relationships which is most valuable and helpful….  We are grateful for Worfolk and return to the industrial West Riding full of open skies, dashing waves, moorland paths and delightful memories.’

‘Weekend enjoyed by all’

‘Hope you have a good a time as we have’

‘We are grateful for Worfolk … we return home full of open skies, dashing waves, moorland paths and delightful memories’

‘…thoroughly enjoying ourselves, we have found the house most enjoyable’

‘A quiet restful time had by all’

‘We all had a wonderful time and look forward to returning to Worfolk’

‘Another super weekend at Worfolk’

‘An enjoyable time and an experience worth repeating’

‘We have had a delightful week’

‘A most enjoyable and restful week’

‘I hope the next occupants will enjoy as an enjoyable and peaceful time as we all have’

‘We were all pleased to get back to the warmth of Worfolk’

‘…all had a really good time and hope to come back next year’

‘…an excellent discussion round the fire’

‘We are all agreed, we wish to come back here again soon’

‘We’ve loved it here at Worfolk.  Can we come again one day?’

‘A ‘good spirit’ is in this house’

‘…all very sorry to say goodbye to Worfolk cottage’

‘We were all sorry to leave such a comfortable, homely cottage’

 ‘We’ve had a super time.  Calm and peaceful atmosphere’

‘…all in all a really fabulous week’

‘An excellent week rediscovering family and friendships’

‘Worfolk Cottage allowed us to step outside from stressful lives into a haven of peace and tranquillity.  THANK YOU’

‘We have had two long great walks and wonderful, warm dinners and evenings round the fire’

‘Can’t think of a better place’

‘I wish we could stay for longer’

‘…a very restful and welcoming place’

‘This has been a very restful and happy time’

‘Love the charm and tranquillity of the cottage …yet again Worfolk has not let me down’

‘I love Worfolk.  That’s it.  That’s all there is to say’

‘I am glad I was here.  Now I am clear, I am fully clear  … All is well’
(George Fox 1691 - quoted in diary)

‘Another fine time with miserable weather … Nevertheless walks, reading, drawing…’

‘When we arrived the peace of Worfolk crept over us’

‘Thank you … the magic of this place … can heal’

‘Lots of Worfolking as it was very chilly, windy and wet outside…’

‘We all had a lovely time and love the unchanging nature of Worfolk’

‘We’ve enjoyed the peace and tranquillity of this lovely cottage’

‘Thanks for keeping the cottage so simple and homely’

‘We love to come here for a Worfolk Welcome’

‘Tomorrow we’re leaving.  Boo!’

‘It was a lovely, refreshing week’

‘But please Worfolk, no matter how many changes you undergo, please don’t lose your warm, welcoming, relaxing heart.’

‘…this magical place’

‘Keep your nice, warming comfort that makes Worfolk so nice to be in’

‘It’s been great living here, I wish to come again … but for longer, much longer’

‘Thanks Worfolk for the atmosphere to build our new team’

‘It is peaceful and relaxing here.  It’s another world’

‘Peace perfect peace’

‘As Granny used to say, “Worfolk cottage keeps its promise”’

‘It’s been brilliant’

‘Thanks for a wicked time’

‘A lovely place to be with friends of any kind’

‘The simple charm of the cottage is just right’

‘It’s amazingly refreshing’

‘The ‘newcomers’ valued the sense of peace at the cottage’

‘… a special time together’

‘Everyone found the cottage warm and friendly’

‘…the blessed simplicity of the place with the atmosphere of trust’

‘The peace and quiet of Worfolk is wonderful’

‘Thank you to all who have invested their time and energy into this place, we could sense it’

‘Thank you – for maintaining this wonderful retreat from ‘real life’’

‘Thank you … for making this place so enjoyable for so many’

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